This is the second chance for you!

Inspired by the hit game Pokemon Go with the development of technology and Blockchain platforms, we have created an upgraded, more interesting and special version of the game that brings great value for participants – Polka Monster.

We are ready to create the full digital planet, making Game creatures a valuable, exchangeable and profitable NFT assets. In a simple and innovative way, Polka Monster makes your investing experience as engaging and entertaining as a game. Users can own Monster, fight enemies, farming, challenge friends,…

Polka is a beautiful planet, home to rich nature and unique, exotic Polkamon creatures.

Hidden deep in the core of the Polka planet is a huge amount of energy, which is also the source of the special super powers that Polkamon species possess. The continent of Polka is now divided into four parts: the cold north is where Frostmon live; To the south many rivers and streams and fertile land belong to Watermon, to the stormy east is the home of Thundermon, and the volcanic region to the west is inhabited by Firemon.

Unlike Polka’s beauty, the neighboring planet Org is on the verge of death. The Orgs are smart but greedy, they drain fossil energies, compete and wage war on their own planet. After an accident from the biology laboratory, all Orgs were mutated, turning into ugly, fierce Org monsters. After the transformation, the Orgs became more and more bloodthirsty, they began to conquer other planets, including Polka.

In the face of the Org invasion, Polkamon species, which had no combat experience, became weak. Despite possessing great power from nature, the four species of Polkamon are inherently unconnected and have no leader. And so, one by one Polkamon fell before the enemy’s spear. To preserve their race, the adult Polkamon sent life into energy balls and sent them to the foothills of the sacred mountain of Atlanta.

While the barbaric Orgs were gloating in victory, under the mist, powerful lives were still boiling in the ball of energy.

It’s time to break the ball and fight, bring the mighty power to wipe out the enemy!

PolkaMon Game Play

Polka Monster is designed to take you to mysterious and fantasy lands, where your dreams of becoming a superhero will be fulfilled. The game experience is enriched with beautiful graphics and high-quality computing and highly challenging, stimulating players to actively participate. Revolving around the game Polka Monster is also a comprehensive Defi ecosystem, providing long-term investment value.


Gives a constant source of profit even while you are sleeping

The battle against the Org is a long one. In addition to fighting time, the Monsters need to farm to maintain their food source. They also need to rebuild their houses and gardens and gather together to create new lands.

After farming, Monster will be harvested $PKMon. This is the main source of energy on the planet Polka Monster to help Monster maintain life and upgrade the squad, increasing strength when fighting.

Note: Players need to understand the kind of each Monster breed and place them in a suitable Farming environment to collect as many Tokens as possible.

Monster from level 3 and above can join the farming


Polka Monsters have a mission to fight the Org Evils every day. In this legion, there will also be many villains with different levels of strength. To defeat them, players need to choose yourself a suitable Monsters and equip more energy and weapons with items available in the Marketplace.

The stronger the enemy, the bigger the bonus, but in order to increase the probability of receiving the bonus, the players will know their winning rate. The system will assist them by providing statistics about their opponent, strengths/weaknesses as well as past win-loss ratio.

Wise opponent selection not only brings bonus Tokens, but also helps Monster increase EXP, evolve and power up.
The results of all matches will be saved on blockchains. If players win, they will receive $PKMon Token and experience points. If they lose, they will lose some experience without losing any Tokens.

Team combat

Every week, the Org conducts sweeping raids on the planet Polka. With their heavy weapons and overwhelming numbers, their power is immeasurable.

However, this is the time when all Polka Monsters join forces to fight the enemy and take back their planet.
Anyone can participate in the Team Combat event without any conditions. The big battle will be divided into 3 small rounds with ranks from easy to difficult. The Monsters will continuously use their skills to overcome the rounds, defeat from each side of the Org until they fall or destroy the Orgest in the final round.

The reward for each week is xxxx $PKMon, divided among the Monsters according to the actual battle time. Bonus for 3 rounds is xx$, xx$,xx$ respectively

Remember, the larger the number of Monsters participating and the more equipment, the higher the win rate for the whole team.


A very interesting thing about Polka planet is that Polka Monsters often challenge each other to practice and increase their strength.
Players can participate in 1 of 3 Challenge modes: System default character challenge, Random challenge, and designated challenge.
After finding an opponent, players need to bet at least xxxx $PKMon for each match. The winner will get all the money and increase the rank on the Challenge leaderboard.

In each match, the players have the right to choose 3 Monsters to fight. The choice of order of participation of Monsters is decided by them. The battle will be concluded if 3 Monsters in a team all fall. Therefore, players need to calculate to arrange monster’s positions so that they can get the highest win rate.

This is one of the very interesting mechanics, players can actively search for opponents and increase rewards for themselves. The Monster leaderboard is also a factor that stimulates players to actively participate and practice their skills. Every week, the top 3 players with the highest ratings will be honored and rewarded.


To own Polka Monster, players need to buy Balls at the marketplace and add energy to these Balls. When the Monster inside the Ball is big enough, it will break the shell and come out, now they are at the first level. When participating in doing tasks, Monster will accumulate experience and evolve to level up. Mature Monsters are Monsters from level 3 and up, at this time they have the ability to Farming.

All purchases and maintenance are paid in $PKMon.


Polka Monsters, Balls and items can all be exchanged, bought and sold on the marketplace as NFT.
NFT Marketplace allows players to buy products from Developers or other players. This is called the exchange of Non-Fungible Token and Fungible Token ($DBPKMONToken). NFT is a commodity and $PKMon is an exchange and quote currency on marketplace.

Defi game Mechanism

NFT and NFT Game have confirmed huge growth potential and are the future trend in the cryptocurrency market. With this in mind, Polka Monster has focused on building a new financial system that is the perfect combination of game experience and Blockchain.

No longer a boring form of investment, Polka Monster makes you profitable while having fun.

Farming mechanism allows players to earn more Tokens and collect NFT items, increasing asset value for holders and creating great value for the ecosystem.

Monsters system

All Polka Monsters are raised in energy Balls until they are old enough to live in the outside environment.
After the process of doing tasks, farming, and fighting, the Monsters will evolve and reach the completed state after 6 levels.
To nurture the Monsters, you will have to pay a little Token $PKMon.

2 status: Balls and Polka Monsters

Born on the planet Polka, hidden in each Monster species are the powers absorbed from the natural elements including: Fire, Thunder, Frost, Water.
It is these things that create the strengths and weaknesses of each different Monster species, expressed through 4 main stats: Attack, Defense, Speed, and Health.

Polka Monsters System

Species Vigor (strength) – represents Fire – Fire Ball

Vigor Monster has the power to burn from flames, has ferocious attacks, is the Monster with the best fighting ability.

Attack: 9-10
Defend: 3-4
Speed: 6-7
HP: 100-20

Rampart (defense) – represents Frost – Frost Ball

The solidity of the permafrost is the source of the Rampart’s strength, giving them a thick skin like an armor with great defense.

Attack: 3-4
Defense: 9-10
Speed: 3-4
HP: 250-350

Impulse (speed) – represents Thunder – Thunder Ball

Speed ​​is the absolute strength of the Impulse. With the ability to be as fast as lightning, the speed of movement of the Impulse is something that everyone must be amazed.
Attack: 5-6
Defend: 3-4
Speed: 9-10
HP: 150-25

Revival (recovery) – represents Water – Water Ball

Carrying the energy of natural currents, Revival species have the ability to restore energy and miraculous health.
Attack: 3-4
Defend: 5-6
Speed: 4-5
HP: 400-50

Each Polka Monster will go through 6 levels of evolution to perfect its power. The monster will evolve in 6 consecutive levels until the final version.
To level up, Monsters need to gain experience (EXP) through battles. When the required EXP is reached, Monster will evolve and increase its strength.
Polka Monsters with higher rarity will be able to accumulate experience points faster.

Thanks to the power upgrade after each evolution level, so the high level Monsters will have a higher win rate, better farming productivity, and also be prioritized in Play-to-Earn activities.

Polka Monster is born with different levels of power. The stronger the Monster species, the rarer they are. Each species when hatched from the Ball has been assigned a specific rarity level, and is divided into 6 levels including: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Super Rare, Epic and Legendary.
Thanks to their greater strength, the Monster species are easier to complete the tasks and they also evolve faster. Not only that, this level directly determines the number of participations in Battle with the Enemy. The rarer the Monster, the more turns for the battle.

Play To Earn

Players use Polka Monster to fight the Org legion. If the players win the battle, they will be rewarded with $PKMon Token and gain experience points to level up.
The win rate, reward levels, plus points will be automatically calculated by the system based on the rarity and evolution of the Monster.

Polka Monster rarity will determine the maximum number of plays every 4 hours.

Experience points will also be accumulated after each match. Monsters with higher rarity will gain more experience.

Monsters of higher rarity and level will be given priority in Token reward tasks.

Users can bring Polka Monsters to the farm for them to participate in farming and get back $PKMon Token as a farm reward. Rare and highly evolved Monsters will receive a higher number of Tokens from Farming.

PK/ Challenge
Players can compete against each other to practice and earn more $PKMon from their opponents as well as receive ranking rewards.

Team combat
There will be events against the entire Org corps held every week. All players need to prepare at least 4 Monsters with 2 of them at least Rare to participate in defeating the Orgest. The rewards will be divided equally among the rounds.

Starter pack

To build a strong force against the enemy, you need to start collecting Polka Monsters first.
Buy energy Balls or buy Polka Monsters directly on Marketplace.

1. Buy Ball
After choosing to buy eggs from the marketplace, the player needs to provide energy for the Monster inside the egg to grow.
The price is xxx $PKMon for 1 random Ball, and xxx $PKMon for 1 Ball of known type. Along with that, players need to spend xxx $PKMon for the process of raising the Ball.
2. Buy Polka Monster
Another way to get Monsters is to buy them directly from the shop. Players can choose the desired Monster species at a higher price. As the Monsters have matured, so as soon as they are purchased they can fully perform the tasks in the game.

Here is a detailed guide on 2 ways to buy Polka Monster

Buy Ball
Step 1: Access to the Polka Monster Website
Step 2: Click “Enter App” to access Gaming Interface
Step 3: Click “Connect” to connect your wallet
Step 4: Select “Store” Tab
Step 5: Enter the amount of Balls to buy
Step 6: Click “Buy” and confirm your transaction on MetaMask

Buy Polka Monster
Step 1: Access to the Website:
Step 2: Click “Enter App” to access Gaming Interface
Step 3: Click “Connect” to connect your wallet
Step 4: Select “MarketPlace” Tab
Step 5: Choose the Monster you want to collect
Step 6: Click “Buy” and confirm your transaction on MetaMask


How to play

  • Step 1: Connect your wallet and swap for $PKMon via this link.
  • Step 2: Use $PKMon to buy at least 1 Polka Monster on the Marketplace. Remember to keep some BNB in ​​your wallet for gas fee.
  • Step 3: Pick a Polka Monster for Battle
  • Step 4: Choose an Org Legion Villain as your opponent. Choose the right opponent’s silver level to increase your chances of winning
  • Step 5: Confirm your transaction and wait for the results after the automatic battles
  • Step 6: If you win, you can claim your reward. If not, you lost the gas fee and 1 turn to play.


How to join Farming

  • Step 1: Connect your wallet to the Marketplace.
  • Step 2: Power up Balls to create Polka Monsters or buy them directly in the Marketplace
  • Step 3: Bring your Monsters to farms that match their characteristics
  • Step 4: Confirm your transaction